7 Jun

Hi Everyone!

Today I wanted to discuss the two products I love dearly. They both come from my product line Chaner Natural. I feel it is imperative for me to discuss the difference between the Naya Curl and the Anaki Twist & Curl Custard. First, let me talk about the similarities. Both products can be applied to the hair wet or dry. My preference is dry simply because I get to cut out a step. It is also important to note the product will deliver two similar but different curls. When applied wet, I notice a tighter curl once the hair dries. Now for the difference:

Naya Curl is designed to give you the look of the wash-n-go without the wash. I can recall countless times a number of people I have crossed paths with utter the words “if only my hair could look this way when it dries” or “I LOVE my hair when it’s wet, but when it dries it’s a completely different story.” For my little one, her hair dried differently than when wet. Her hair dried wavy. I don’t even need to speak on my hair…check out the profile pic…lol. Thankfully, Naya Curl was created. Now, I don’t have to wet her hair at all to establish the same look she has when wet. And the best thing of it all, when it dries, you will have soft, flexible hair that will stand the test of time. I know many times I didn’t want to go out of the house in the winter with wet hair. For me, my ends could have started drying and my roots would still be soaking wet. So, I apply the product dry. It is important to note that Naya Curl allows your hair to look the way it does when your hair is wet, without having to be wet!!! So, if when you apply conditioner to your hair and you think, “I sure would love for my hair to stay this way all day/” then you need Naya Curl ~ Your Natural Curl Pattern will shine through; Your Natural Curl without the crunch!

Anaki Twist & Curl Custard is designed to do just what it says; you twist and watch the bountiful curl definition come through. There are times when I desire a more defined curl pattern than I naturally have. When that happens, I turn to Anaki Twist & Curl Custard. Applied while dry in sections, I simply twist my hair, allow it to air dry and then untwist. I assure you beautiful curls come through. A major difference between the Anaki Twist & Curl Custard and the Naya Curl is how the hair/curls dry. After I use the Anaki Twist & Curl Custard, I have strong hold to my well defined curls. Anaki Twist & Curl Custard provides holding power. I can even use the Anaki Twist & Curl Custard to smooth down my edges when necessary. Due to the hold, Anaki Twist & Curl Custard goes the extra mile in terms of length of style.

To sum things up….Naya Curl lets your natural curl pattern shine through; Anaki Twist & Curl Custard will help give you the definition you seek but may not have naturally….using safe and natural ingredients!!!

If you have any questions please leave a comment and I will get back to you as soon as possible. To order these products and more visit


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