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Just get over it?

28 Aug


I found this picture on facebook. I can say I have actually experienced some of my “friends” say this to me about the “African American” race. I often wondered why others are so offended if “we’ talk about slavery and oppression but openly embrace anyone else stating how slavery/oppression has effected and affected them. Have you ever wondered? Do you know why? Can you share your viewpoint on this topic?


Ghost Rider:Spirit of Vengeance

16 Mar
Français : Ghost Rider motorcycle

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I am pretty disturbed by this movie. Talk about putting it in your face. The title says illuminate and shoes the #13 often while spell casting songs play. The goal is to get the songs in your head so you can sing them.

In the climax Johnny gave his live to GOD, confessed Christ, took communion and gets delivered from his curse. He goes to save Danny to keep his promise and walks in on an unholy ritual. During this time Danny grants him his powers back so he can save Danny…the betrayal to my Heavenly is horrible but he sends the devil home to burn. Then he raises his hands in the air as if he’s praising my Heavenly Father.  The Rider was the Angel of Justice that was tricked and  taken to hell where he became corrupted by non-stop Violence. In the End Johnny said he could feel the Angel inside. Danny’s mother asked I’d they’d won (beat the devil) and Johnny answered yes, hell yes.

My thoughts are he could have easily won by calling on our Heavenly Father, like he did when he was forgiven. God is the Mightiest!! What a Mighty God we serve!!!!

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