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Back to School Styles w/Chaner Natural

17 Aug


Here is a look at a cute and easy braid and twist style created for a Natural Princess. Its perfect for back to school and allows for some creativity along the way. This is a great protective style for fine hair because the ends are twisted. Twisted ends are great for fine hair beauties because the ends braid very thin. Instead of beading the ends you can roller or rod set the twist for an even cuter and more versatile look. You can even add some variations by braiding the back downward. What are some cute styles you’ve tried for your Princess? What variations will you try? Would you like to submit a guest post? Email your submission to


Cute Hair Accessories for your Natural Princess

11 Aug


The next event Chaner Natural attends, we will introduce our Hair Jewels line. During our creation I decided to make this comb and two matching hair pins. I made them with my Natural Princesses in mind. They loved them! I expect to see them sporting these hair accessories the first week of school. There will be more to come for little princesses everywhere. Slowly but surely. Stay tuned to to watch for the launch. What hair accessories will your little princess wear in the first day?

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