“Single” Mom

5 Apr

First Lady Michelle Obama recently corrected her comment made about being a single mom. While I understand why single parent households may have a problem with this statement, I totally agree and can personally relate.

Like First Lady Obama, I have been charged with the loving but exhausting tasks of transport the children to and fro, shopping, cleaning, homework and testing and whatever concerns the children. This leaves little time for self, especially when you are doing it alone.

I have referred to myself as a married single mom on a few occassions. While my husband was offended by the statement, it was my reality. At least it got his attention. Did it make a difference in the amount of help he provided, a little, however, the amount of help increases as the year progresses.

At our oldest daughter’s graduation I was introducing my husband to her teachers. She’d only been in the school since she began her educational career but his presence, though requested, was seldom. On her graduation my husband was not able to identify most of her teachers. Though that has changed a little with the younger ones…..he can identify her teachers but he still does not attend any parent/teacher conferences or PTA meetings…although he’s a teacher himself – the irony.

The joys and pains of raising children mostly falls on me in my household. Support is minimal when it comes to running errands, transportation needs, shopping for both needed items and groceries, school projects, teacher communication, fundraisers, planning, funding, styling the girls and keeping them clean. Or should I say have been in the past. He is attempting to make a difference now.


One Response to ““Single” Mom”

  1. diane lilly April 11, 2013 at 2:06 pm #

    You got that right, I been a single mom from the time I had my first child to the last. I think God for all his blessing.

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