What Have You Been Up To?

4 Dec
English: Roller coaster in Xetululu, Guatemala

English: Roller coaster in Xetululu, Guatemala (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Keeping up with my blog is something that I struggle with. I am passionate about writing though you may not be able to tell. I apologize for my roller-coaster blog. I only post when I feel I have something worth posting. Kinda lame write…sounds like an excuse to me. Well, the truth is I haven’t really been up to much. So, I have really had much to post. I am also trying out this Mobile Hotspot which is frustratingly beautiful :-)! Well tonight, I feel like I have something to post.


This coming weekend (Dec 8th & 9th) I am participating in two Vendor Events!!!! Yay!!!! Praise God I should say. Both are through churches! I am very excited about this opportunity and I am believing God that I will sell out of all inventory taken to each event. That would be beyond awesome! These events are the jump start Chaner Natural needs to get the ball back rolling.


Oh, and I forgot to mention I have finally found a church home!! Hallelujah!! I am ecstatic and eager to get to work for the kingdom!


Well, I guess I am one of few words. That’s all folks! Until next time!




If you’d like to support Chaner Natural and buy some products or make a donation, please call 804-506-0883 or email chanernatural@hotmail.com for an invoice. Chaner Natural’s website is currently under construction. I will post the new site once it’s up.


Thank you in advance for your support!


Sakira Lilly


Chaner Natural LLC






One Response to “What Have You Been Up To?”

  1. andiekins82 December 4, 2012 at 8:27 pm #

    I’m not sure why you linked to my site? But thanks I suppose…good luck with your sale 🙂

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