Pagan Idolatry Today

16 Oct
restored quadriga atop Brandenburg Gate ►pale-...

restored quadriga atop Brandenburg Gate ►pale-verdigris gateway build-up (“horses’-herma”) in gloomy night◄ (Photo credit: quapan)

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In Greek mythology, Nike is represented as the Goddess of Victory whose function was to proselytize or evangelize for Zeus, the Greek deity, and ascribe to him all the honor and glory of all the other gods, and thus displace them that he might be worshiped in their stead. If you look in Webster’s International Dictionary under the heading, Zeus, you will find a picture showing Zeus sitting on a throne with Nike in back of him, in the act of putting a crown of laurel upon his head. This was the symbol that he had won the victory over the other deities.

Even our institutions of learning have been contaminated with this pagan idolatry, for when the students of schools, colleges and universities win distinction in the course of study, they are made to don the cap and gown, while a Christian minister or priest, is called upon to do the honors and pronounce upon them the Baccalaureate, or the Laurel of of Bacchus. And who is Bacchus? Bacchus, the meaning of which is “son of Cush“— Nimrod the personification of Satan, the enemy of YHWH (see Gen. 10: 8, 9).


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  1. Noel Williams October 17, 2012 at 7:17 pm #

    Very interesting!

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