In serious need of a white chocolate mocha

23 Aug
White chocolate mocha coffee. Enjoying a weeke...

White chocolate mocha coffee. Enjoying a weekend home at the moment, went into town today to buy some clothes etc with the family, so as much as this image looks there was more cups than one on the table… Went to see The Book of Eli as well today, totally brilliant film. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In serious need of a white chocolate mocha


With lists that last all day, with additions added with each passing moment, what’s a girl to do but enlist the help of a white chocolate mocha?  The day starts off on the wrong foot.  I didn’t get much sleep last night which leads to reluctantly awaking.  Get UP!!!!! I tell myself silently.  “I am sooo tired” I cry.  But alas, I must get out of the bed and get moving.  I quietly walk into the room of the eldest child and gently say wake up baby.  I walk away to wake up 1 more.  I then find myself in the bathroom starring into the mirror wondering, “What am I going to do with my hair, my eyes, my face, uugghh!”  I neglect to get myself ready first as some parenting books suggest.  I have to go back into the rooms and start to straighten up what they left behind the night before.  “Snap out of it” I tell myself as I search for clothes to put on the middle child, meanwhile, time is quickly passing by.  Suddenly I take notice and jump into rush mode.  Now, I am yelling at everyone…what a way to start your day, right?

Finally everyone is dressed and ready to go.  Mommy, find the keys and you can leave.  Of course the garage door opener only works partially.  I can open the garage remotely, but I can NOT close the garage door remotely.  I back out, turn the car off, disappear into the garage and emerge out of the front door.  THIS has cost me MORE TIME!  Now I am in a rat race and I speed out of the driveway and onto the main street.  “Say your morning prayer” I state to the little ladies riding in my vehicle.  Just as we approach the halfway mark from our home to the first destination, low and behold I notice someone inadvertently left their coat in the house.  Wow….?????!!!!!! is my only thought.  Who’s to blame?  Do I blame the child for not grabbing the coat when I yelled get your things and wait in the car? Or, do I blame myself for not being an efficient mother and checking before I sped out of the garage?  At this point, if we turn around the girls will be late for school, if we continue, everyone will know how bad of a job I’ve done up to this point.  We pull up and get out.  Everyone has on a coat except one.  All I can think of now is a nice hot cup of white chocolate mocha.


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