Who’s Complaining??!!

17 Mar

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I’m listening to an online radio show and either it’s a guest or a co-host (male) complaining about people’s Negativity. The funny thing is his complaint is Everyone is Negative because they complain and don’t take advantage of opportunities. One of his stories was that a young guy started a web production business and at first could not give him a basic price for service. Once the young man gave him the price guess what happened….HE COMPLAINED about the price…lol!!! Utterly hilarious that your complaint is others complaining yet everything you say is a complaint. In an effort not to complain, I won’t speak on the tone.

Just had to share


One Response to “Who’s Complaining??!!”

  1. Paul March 17, 2012 at 1:07 pm #

    …its crazy what complaining does for people…

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