Why I Hate No Child Left Behind

9 Feb
"No Child Left Behind" sculpture (pa...
“No Child Left Behind” sculpture (partial view) (Photo credit: StrangeInterlude)

Yay President Barack Obama! He gave an Education Waiver to 10 States for the No Child Left Behind Law.

I have argued for years that this “No Child Left Behind” was hurting our children, and not help our children. “No Child Left Behind” was originally designed to help students make grade level reading and math. That intention turned into a desperate attempt to keep scores high so schools could be rewarded with grant money.  So what happened? Students are being advanced to the next grade without earning advancement. Schools began teaching to the test and not teaching the subject. Success in school was no longer based on academic ability but on the ability to remember the answers given to you 2 days earlier. I guess that’s why the saying goes “Money is the root of all evil.” Which leads me to an off subject comment…Money in itself isn’t evil, it’s what you do to get money that makes it the root of all evil. Back to the topic – By doing this, you are setting our children up for failure. If they can’t do 2nd grade Reading, Writing and Arithmetic, how in the world can you expect them to do on the next level? Passing a child along just for the sake of passing them to preserve “their feelings” or to lower a district’s drop out rate is utterly ridiculous. Monetary enticements will lead to cheating, even at a school’s level. Rewarding a school with funds based off test scores has a way of taking away a thorough eduction and replacing it with a test taught experience. This is a very sensitive topic with valid arguments on both sides. How can we ensure each child receives the tools they need to compete academically, while making sure they stay on pace with surrounding schools? Provide the students with Teachers that are willing to teach the subject and the concept; Not Teachers that only introduce a lesson and test 2 days later.  They need Teachers who actually teaches the students so they have a good understanding of the lesson. Each school needs a fair share of the funds. Just because a school is struggling doesn’t mean they don’t need financial help. Usually you will find it’s the schools that struggle the most that need the most help. They need books, they need resource teachers, they need resources, they need further instruction/continued education, they need extra-curricular activities for the students that appeal to the students. These schools need activity buses and more emphasis on making learning fun – which can be accomplished if they had more resources, a larger budget and access to more tools. In my experience, half of the children labeled with behavior problems just need someone to show they care and tools to spark their interest. Allow Teachers to choose their own field trips and go on a field trip at least once a month. We all know memories last a lifetime. If you could create a memory centered around a lesson, then voila!!


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