Quick and Easy Style

23 Jan

Ok, so my Diva had an all day tournament Saturday and of course I had no clue what I wanted my hair to look like for the day. Recently I flat-ironed my hair and wore that style for two weeks….I was sooo bored with it so Naturally I deep conditioned my hair and rocked a puffy pulled back fro. Knowing I had to get up early to hit the road by 7am, I wanted a style that I could set the night before and quickly style the next morning. So, I retreated to the quickest and easiest thing – TWISTED BANTU KNOT-OUT!!!! I like to think I created this because I had never seen it done before. I loved the twist-out and the bantu knot-out so I did it one day. I used that to create my first ever blog post Elegent Knights on the Town. It took me about a month to post. Anywho…..check out my after photos…..it was way too late a night to take the before photos…as a matter of fact it was about 1 am when I actually set the knots using nothing but water and the Healthy Hair Whip.


One Response to “Quick and Easy Style”

  1. Noel Williams January 24, 2012 at 7:53 pm #


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