Protective Style for the Female Athlete

4 Jan

So I spent 2 days braiding my daughter’s hair. She wanted braids for the AAU Basketball season. She feels self-conscious when her hair draws up from all the sweating. She first asked me to relax her hair but I refused. She wanted to be natural sooo bad….we did her big chop last year. She went through last season natural, half of the time with braids, the other with two-strands…what’s so different about this year? It could be a number of reasons

  1. She’s now in middle school
  2. She has more length and would like it to show
  3. Maybe she’s tired of the two-strand twists
  4. Her Middle School friends don’t know how much hair she had before the big chop.
  5. No one believes she has a lot of hair unless they are here when I am styling her hair.
  6. She wants to look more feminine while playing basketball.

When I sat her down to ask for the real reason, she gave all the above and then stated she just wants to look more feminine. So as a Mom, what do you do? Well, that’s for another blog post…In the meantime, I swallowed my unwillingness to braid her hair and I braided her hair…See pics below and share your comments and style suggestions.

Our goal (my daughter and I) is to keep the braids for 8 – 10 weeks. We will maintain this style by tying it up every night. Since she does play basketball at least 3 times a week I will co-wash weekly with a stocking cap on. I will also use the weekly co-wash to change the ends.

This week she has twisted-bantu knots to get the curly wavy definition. Next week I think I will do spirals. Luckily for her, her Mom used to style hair and is really focused on healthy hair!!

Stay tuned for my next blog post and don’t forget to leave your comments!


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