New Year New You – Maintaining Natural Status while changing your look

12 Sep

What do you do when you have tried all the natural styles You are comfortable rocking but have become burned out with the looks? Do you resort to straightening? What happens when your straight style only lasts for the hour? Do you “keratin”? What if that only lasts for 1.5 hours? Do we turn to relaxers or texturizers?

My daughter, a very blessed athletic princess, requires flexibility with her style. She usually is doing something athletic daily. From basketball to soccer to tennis to training, she is constantly involved in some physical activity. This is a great thing right? Well, not so much for her hair. She sweats in her hair before anywhere else. Needless to say, I can flat-iron her hair and when she hits the humidity, it’s all over. In the colder months, it lasts for a while as long as she’s not taking part in a sports activity.  For this reason, she is beginning to become frustrated with her hair. She’s tired of the massive shrinkage. Usually she wears her hair in two-strands or braids. She loves the two-strands except, she has more and more shrinkage after each activity. It literally shrinks to about 1 inch from her scalp. She hates this. To top it off, she’s now in middle school and would love to wear her hair straight for a little while. I decided to allow her to wear her hair straight the first week. Unfortunately, we were expecting very heavy rain for the entire week so we had to alter the style.

My thoughts are to give her a partial sew-in to the true length of her hair. This will help to add some weight to her very soft hair and hopefully help to hold it down better as it blends in with her natural texture. My goal is to keep her hair natural as long as possible. While I can force her to stay natural now, I want her to love her natural hair and use it’s versatility.  What are your thoughts about doing a sew-in? What other styles would you suggest keeping in mind that she has way more shrinkage than her sisters and myself?

Want to see more styles she has worn, take a peek below.



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