Elegant Styles for a Night on the Town

18 Jul

Elegant Styles for a Night on the Town

Twisted Knot Out Mohawk

Start with Clean Hair and prep using a moisturizer or an oil

to decrease breakage. Separate the hair in three sections vertically so that

you have a left, right and middle section. Cornrow or Flat twist the middle

section so that it does not interfere with your sides during the style, and so

that it holds a little moisture. This style can be done using wet or dry hair.

Start to cornrow or flat twist the hair in small to medium-sized sections

towards the middle of the hair. When you get to the front, above the ear, start

to cornrow or flat twist towards the back. Once you feel you’ve reached the

desired amount of braids, flat twist or the look you seek for the front, stop

and twist the remaining hair in one big twist and then wrap around into a knot.

Complete on both sides.

Now undo the big cornrow or twist you put down the middle of

the head. In medium to large-sized sections, apply a styling cream or gel and

two-strand twist, be sure to include the ends of the cornrows or twist, and

wrap in a knot. Complete this until all of your hair is wrapped in a knot.

If you choose, you may sit under a dryer until it is dried

completely, or you can let air dry until you are ready for your night on the


2 weeks later

2 weeks later - Naya Curl by Chaner Natural

Curly Pin Up

Using Wet or Dry Hair, apply Naya Curl by Chaner Natural in small to medium

sections to the ends, working your way up to the root and applying more as

needed. You hair will start to curl on its own during the application. Wait

about 15-20 minutes and then pin your hair up using large bobby pins or hair

combs. Pin the back up to the middle of your head or to the location of your

liking, and then pin the sides. I like a little slant to my pin ups so I would

pin the left side over to the middle of the head and the right side to the back

of my ear for sex appeal. Allow the curls to fall in your face and to the side

slightly. You hair should dry within 30 minutes of application.

For even more curl definition, you can two strand, three

strand, twist knot or bantu knot your hair and then pin it up using the Naya Curl, or you can pin it up, apply the Naya Curl and then twist, knot or twist not it. When

you arrive to your destination, or before you leave the house, take down the

twists/knots and look at your beautiful curls.

Please share your thoughts on the styles and let us know how you incorrect the above techniques.


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